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All our brands

All our brands

The Kase is for those who expect more from their accessories: Cutting-edge technology, design and customization remake your mobile devices in your image. The Kase offers a selection of headsets, hi-tech sound amplifiers designed by referred houses like Monster or Beats V-Moda. And if you already have sound equipment, take time to find the perfect protection for your phone or tablet. A large portion of our covers, flip-tops and cases are designed by big names in fashion, such as Just Cavalli, Guess, Zadig & Voltaire, Vespa or the Maison Takuya. Spoilt for choice? Take a look at the items that have captured our hearts!

the kase collection
The Kase Collection

The Kase also develops its own product range via the “The Kase Collection” brand. It uses the finest materials such as leather, wood, suede, metal, silicone to offer customers a superior product, cases for mobiles and tablets as well as accessories such as headphones, speakers, amplifiers, cables.

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life proof

Renowned for its toughness and its waterproof materials, Lifeproof is undoubtedly the specialist of accessories designed for all action and thrill enthousiasts!
Lifeproof accessories for your tablets and smartphone will bring you closer to freedom!

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In 1981, the Marciano brothers left their native South and set off in pursuit of the American dream. They launched the famous ?Marilyn? jeans with three zip pockets. The brand's success story was just beginning, it grew over the years, endorsed by some of the most beautiful women in the world, glamor icons and timeless beauty.

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paul and joe
Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe is a fashion brand created in 1995 by Sophie Mechaly. The optimism of Sophie Mechaly is revealed through her collections. Her travels around the world fuel her curiosity. Her ever positive energy is evident in her silhouettes. Her playful personality is reiterated in a distinctive style.Paul & Joe is first and foremost a state of mind: fashionable but never a fad.

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Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947, the Ferrari brand is considered one of the most famous in the history of the automobile, and still arouses an irresistible fascination. Prestigious sports car manufacturer, Ferrari has quickly established itself as a car of reference car, both technically and aesthetically.

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karl lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld

Veritable fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld has worked with the most prestigious fashion houses. His love for creation lead him to created his eponymous label.
Karl Lagerfeld is above all, a brand aimed to a public sensitive to the latest fashion trends.
Now, it is possible to dress your smartphone with his creation for a design and trendy look !

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otter box

Fonded by Curt Richardson in 1998, Otterbox is one of the world's leading companies shockproof cases for smartphone. Its range of accessories was designed to offer an optimal protection to your smartphone and your tablet.

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Jarre Technologies

Jarre Technologies® is a cutting-edge brand for technological Lifestyle, home-entertainment products, embodying contemporary style, simplicity and optimal performance. The brand Jarre Technologies® was officially founded in 2005 by the electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre.

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