7-In-1 Multi-Function Hub
7-In-1 Multi-Function Hub

Universal USB 3.1 Type-C 7-In-1 Multi-Function Hub

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  • Seven intuitive adapters lined up in one compact, convenient hub
  • 4K HDMI, 1080p support for office and home entertainment use
  • Two USB Type-C ports supporting fast charging and unparalleled data transfer
  • USB 3.1 outputs for daily charging and data syncing
Product details
Data transferring, streaming and charging can be a hassle that quickly turns into a headache when a whole suite of data storage devices, cables, tablets and smartphones are involved.  We know that the search for the right adapter or plug can be exhausting and nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Introducing to you your comprehensive, all-in-one solution: the Universal USB 3.1 Type-C 7-in-1 Multi-Function Hub. Designed to complement your MacBook Pro (Ed. 2016/2017), as a highly functional and colour-matching accessory. Sporting seven ports, all contained in a sleek aluminium body to minimize electromagnetic interference.  This slimline, lightweight hub is built for portability and convenience, quickly becoming a permanent companion to your MacBook Pro 13” & 15”, at home, travelling or in the office. Each port is optimized respectively for power delivery/charging, data transfer and high-quality streaming. Once connected, an LED light indicator lights up indicating that the hub is ready for use.


4K HDMI Output (1080p / 4K)

An HDMI 2.0 output, supporting 4K resolution for a high definition viewing experience on monitors, projectors and TVs.  Presentations, streaming and home theatre entertainment all covered.


USB Type-C Female Output 1 & 2

Features two USB Type-C ports with one of them supporting Thunderbolt 3 & Power Delivery (PD) technologies for power supply & high-speed data transfer. Enjoy the speed!

USB Type-C Female Output 1

- Thunderbolt 3 (40Gb/s)

- Power Delivery (10Gb/s)

5V/2.2A Max

USB Type-C Output Female 2 (5Gb/s)

-5V/2.2A Max


USB 3.1 Female Output 1 & 2

While Apple may have opted out of USB 3.1, it is still a much needed port for charging and data syncing with most smart devices and laptop/electronic accessories.  Which is why we outfitted the hub with two.

USB 3.1 Female Output 1 & 2 (5Gb/s)

- Keyboard, mouse, USB key, etc.

- 5V/2.2A Max


Micro SD/SD Card

From photos, videos and applications, the micro SD and SD card are a staple for photographers and smartphone users.

Micro SD/SD card reader

-Both up to 104MB/s


USB Type-C Male Input

To tie it all together, the USB Type-C Male Input that inserts directly into the corresponding ports on the MacBook Pro.

- Power Delivery (10Gb/s)

- Data transfer (5Gb/s)


In the box: comes with the Universal USB 3.1 Type-C 7-in-1 Multi-function Hub and user guide.
EAN : 5415214196121
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