Galaxy Note10 case

Choose the best case for your Galaxy Rating 10

Before the start of the new school year in August 2019, Samsung launches its 2 latest Galaxy note 10 and note 10 PLUS widescreen smartphones. Otherwise known as phablette, this 6.3-inch Korean smartphone is characterized by its stylus and differs from the Galaxy S, including the S10, with a punch centered in the upper middle of the screen rather than on the side. On the back of the Note 10, we start with a triple camera module. To follow the arrival of this new smartphone and offer you the best protection, The Kase has launched 3 models of cases: for a low price, choose the invisible hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which allows a basic protection of the mobile or the black Soft Silicone Gel case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. For maximum protection, choose the blister case folio flap for Samsung Galaxy Note 10: in addition to your smartphone, it will also protect your screen!

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