OtterBox Symmetry Série Folio
OtterBox Symmetry Série Folio

Otterbox Symmetry Series Coque folio pour Apple iPad 5e/6e génération, Noir

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  • Conçue en une seule pièce avec un support antidérapant caoutchouté pour fixer votre iPad en place
  • Compatible avec l'Alpha Glass pour une protection contre les abrasions et les éclats
  • Des aimants sont intégrés pour permettre le verrouillage et le déverrouillage de l'appareil
  • Pour passer en option mains libres, attachez la coque à des cordons de fixation et portez l'iPad autour du cou
Détail du produit
OtterBox's Symmetry Series Folio shell, designed in one piece as a support, responds effectively to capture and visualization. Thin and yet robust, it is made of a rubber-based material to stabilize your iPad on a wide range of surfaces. Its transparent back grants easy identification of tags and information engraved on your iPad while keeping the chassis protected. The OtterBox shell has full access to ports and buttons, as well as certified fall protection

Accompanied by a microfiber lining and compatibility with Alpha Glass, it protects your smartphone from scratches and splinters while maintaining the sensitivity of the touch screen and the clarity of the display. Magnets built into the hull allow the intuitive smart cover to lock and unlock your iPad easily. Close the flip to activate sleep mode, open to disable it.

With the goal of providing maximum flexibility, the Symmetry Series Folio shell is also used in hands-free mode. Attach it to the tie-down cords so you can wear it around your neck. Whether you're watching videos, writing an email, playing games or giving in to your creativity *, this case has the versatility to suit your needs. Adjust the angle to find the perfect and comfortable position for your UNIK style.

* Compatible with the Apple Pencil: write or draw on the screen of your iPad without interference.
EAN : 0660543475811
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