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Looking for a refurbished iPhone 5? Discover all our available refurbished iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is certainly the most iconic of iPhone models. After its release, it revolutionised the smartphone world and the way we interact with our phones. With its power, 3 colours and storage capacity, it quickly became the must-have iPhone. As important today as ever, the iPhone 5 joins power with style. By selecting a refurbished iPhone 5 from The Kase, you are guaranteed a smartphone in perfect condition and a battery that has gone through a series of tests to ensure its perfect functionality. It will be delivered to you in a premium packaging along with full accessories. The iPhone 5 has a 6 to 12-month warranty which varies from grade to grade. If you are searching for a newer refurbished iPhone model, choose a Refurbished iPhone 6 or a Refurbished iPhone 7

Case refurbished iPhone 5 16 Gb, Black, unlocked

iPhone 5 16 GB, Black, unlocked

Garantie 12 mois
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