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Unlike its competitors, The Kase is proud to service an extremely wide range of mobiles. Because there's more to life than Apple!

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Our customizable accessories and our creators' device covers are compatible with:

Infinite customization

Customize your kases with your own images from facebook or instagram, or with visuals from our exclusive designers. And your device becomes unik.

starting at 24€90

You can soon personalise your case with your own photos from your smartphone. This feature is already availlable on the website from a computer

the kase, a unik concept


For The Kase, a single catch-phrase: I AM UNIK. It's by paying attention to the smallest details that one recognizes a true concept. We select for you the most beautiful brands and the most noble materials, all wrapped-up in an ultra-chic display.

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Continue The Kase experience by coming directly to one of our stores. Find the best out of our collections and customize your accessories. You can also order online and pick-up your items at one of The Kase's points-of-sale.

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With a roster of designers across the globe, with stores on each continent and brands from all over the world, The Kase is a truly international brand whose ambition is to exist everywhere and, most importantly, coming soon to a location near you!

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