The Kase guide to choose your smartphone or tablet screen protector wisely

Premium tempered glass 2D protector

The tempered glass protector is thicker than a simple protective film and protects therefore a better protection against damages and deep scratches when you drop your phone. It also offers a more pleasant touch.

Based on a Japanese technology, the design of the premium glass protector allows a high surface hardness and scratch resistance (9H). This tempered glass protector is a classic among its peer screen protectors and is available for a large variety of Smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, etc.)!

Edge-to-edge curved 3D protector

With its curved borders, this screen protector is the product of the cutting-edge technology never seen before with any smartphone screen protector creating a resistant glass in a curved mold. The screen protector has a high surface hardness and scratch resistance (9H).

With a complete edge-to-edge coverage of your smartphone, this screen protector also provides the optimal resistance for your screen or mobile phone. With its 100% adhesiveness to your device, this screen protector provides true touch sensitivity. Please note that this protective glass with curved borders cannot be used if your phone has a case.

2.5D protector with 100% surface coverage

This tempered glass screen protector (100% surface coverage) is designed based on a 7 hard layer technology to protect your smartphone against marks, fingerprints, and other daily impacts and to maintain a high clarity. The precise adjustment of the screen protector on your phone allows a 100% surface coverage without interfering with its original look.

Protective films protection and stickers

Screen protective films and stickers avoid small scratches and marks caused by daily use. If you do not like to see finger marks on your screen, this type of protector will be perfect for you.

The protective films come in various types: mirror effect, matte effect or private effect to stay safe from indiscrete peeks! The protective film is the perfect accessory for your phone and will safeguard its screen without any damage to its original appearance.